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The scientific name for PHC is – Hydrox4phc which is a long-lasting high when it enters the body it turns into 99% THC.

Hydrox4phc (PHC) looks to now be following in the footsteps of the recently released delta 9o, to act as another fantastic, effective and simple way to enjoy a potent delta 9 THC high legally.


Here’s the thing about Hydrox4phc – it’s the newest addition to the hemp market, and to say that the amount of information about it that’s out there, is limited, is a massive understatement. What we do understand is that PHC is a derivative of delta 9o, an acetate version of delta 9 that is made using a unique process that allows the acetate molecule to metabolize once entering the body, leaving behind THC that’s no different from the delta 9 extracted from cannabis.

What we also recognize is how PHC seems to offer an intensely long-lasting high compared to any other cannabinoid, while becoming 99% THC once absorbed into the bloodstream. People say that the high lasts for as long as edibles, which is about 8 or so hours.