Menthol CBD Lip Balm (25mg CBD)

Menthol CBD Lip Balm (25mg CBD)


  • 25mg CBD isolate content
  • Convenient, easy to apply
  • Includes beeswax and shea butter
  • Re-apply as needed
  • Made in the U.S.

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Beeswax, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Jeechem CTG, CBD Isolate, Menthol.


Apply on lips to moisturize. Reapply every 24 hours or as needed.


PureKana lip balm is infused with 25mg of CBD isolate that’s been sourced straight from our industry-leading, premium quality USA-grown hemp. We use nothing but the finest quality components to make all of our products. As far as our range of CBD lip balm, we also offer Cherry and Vanilla flavors in addition to Menthol. Which one is the right one for you? Well, that’s a personal decision and is one that we expect you can make with confidence. All of our lip balms are made using high-grade beeswax, olive oil, and shea butter for intense moisturization and long-lasting hydration.


The infusion of menthol offers a cool, refreshing complement to the standard lip balm formulation. Of course, it’s not just the menthol where you’ll be finding benefits for chapped, dry, cracking lips. The 25mg infusion of hemp-extracted CBD isolate is key to boosting positive effects, as is the incorporation of deeply hydrating shea butter, olive oil, and beeswax. Even in the harshest, coldest, and driest of climates, these ingredients work together to provide your lips the care and hydration they need. And the best part? You can apply and re-apply PureKana lip balm as frequently as needed to achieve the support you’re looking for.


At PureKana, we’ve developed an industry-leading reputation for quality. This reputation has been built on not only years of hard work and dedication, but also on the philosophy of only using the finest, highest-grade ingredients possible. A CBD product is only as good as the ingredients used to make it, which is why we continue to source all of our hemp from authentic American farms. Not only does this result in the highest-quality end product for the user, but it also supports the U.S. farming and agriculture business – which, in our mind, is the finest in the world. The hemp we use to make our products is genetically-selected for its rich CBD content. It is also grown without the use of GMO’s, pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. In short, when you invest in PureKana products, you’re investing in an authentic American-made product of the highest caliber.


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