∆8 | Badder Wax

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∆8 | Badder Wax

  • Total ∆8 Content: 2000, 4000, or 6000mg
  • Ingredients: ∆8 Badder Wax, Organic Cannabis Terpenes
  • Extraction Material: Hemp-Derived
  • ∆9THC Content: None detected

What is badder?

Badder is a cannabis concentrate that has this generally whipped consistency that looks a bit like cake batter or thick frosting. Much like budder, badder is usually classified as a cannabis wax, but badder is going to be much stickier and thicker than budder. The concentrate most often boasts this telltale “blonde” color, which can range in hue from lighter blonde to deep gold.

How is badder made?

Badder is made in much the same way as budder using solvents, air pressure, and heat. The primary difference is how much heat and air pressure are used to create the end product.

How to Use Badder

Badder, much like most cannabis concentrates, is heated and the vapors inhaled, which can be done in one of two ways. Only a “dab” should be used. Most people smoke dabs with a dab rig, which is a lot like a bong except it has a nail and dome that are used to heat the concentrate. The vapors are then passed through the receptacle and out to a mouthpiece where the vapors are inhaled.

You can also use wax concentrates by mixing it in with regular flower, and then smoking it either in a joint or in a regular bong or pipe. Of course, only tiny fragments should be used because of the high potency of the wax and the fact that it will change the way the flower burns. For someone that does not have a dab rig and just wants to experiment a little with wax concentrates, this can be a good method to try.