Hometown Hero

Supporting Veterans Through Cannabis

The Hometown Hero Difference

Many veterans are left either underserved or abandoned while facing PTSD, homelessness, physical disability, and other issues. But luckily, there are amazing organizations out there providing our heroes with the help they need and deserve. From building homes to benefits advocacy, the work they do changes and even saves lives.

A portion of the proceeds from every product we offer gets donated to such organizations. Every gummy, cereal treat, tincture, or other product purchased helps make a difference.

"The best Delta-8 gummy, tincture, and flower, according to my prior tests and rankings, all belong to Hometown Hero. Superior taste, superior potency, and superior lab results. These are the core pillars of this brand." - Dan LaMorte, Writer at CBD Oracle

"Relief never tasted so damn good." - John W., Customer (Texas)

We aim to ensure that the name "Hometown Hero" is seen as a mark of quality, craftsmanship, and care.

And here's how we go about doing that:

Small Batch Production

We may produce a lot of gummies, flowers, tinctures, and more, but we always make them in small batches. This guarantees greater attention to detail for flavor and consistency.

Tested Six Times From Seed To Sale

A double-check is good. A triple-check is better. But six times? That’s how we help ensure safety, legal compliance, and of course, cannabinoid content. In other words, we’re obsessed with quality assurance.