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CBD has immense medical properties that help blood flow and repair soft tissue much faster.


Cannabinoid therapy is connected to the part of the biological matrix where body and brain meet.


Animals are much more calm and less aggressive with the benefits of CBD.

Houston Cannabis Club provides creative solutions for all your needs!

We have infused CBD with food & drinks to make your daily consumption easier and fun!

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Reaching Out To Our Community

Being a part of the Houston Community is what we strive for. HCC has a passion for cannabis but most of all, taking care of our Houston family and friends.

Benefits For Cancer

Houston Cannabis Club holds fundraising events for many cancer societies. We are involved with funding many forms of cancer treatment and research.

Going Green

Houston Cannabis Club gathers many people together for parks and beaches “clean-up”. We want our community to be beautiful and healthy!

Fitness Meet-Ups!

Twice a month, Houston Cannabis Club gathers many people together at Allen Parkway for a one hour fitness meet-up.
Yoga and Walking. 


Houston Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our customers say:

I was skeptical to try out this new oil that supposedly helped with my chronic pain. Once I received it in the mail and had a single dose, about 30 minutes later I found myself daydreaming and so relaxed! Thank you Houston Cannabis Club!

Dianne Stevens

I have a bad problem with grinding my teeth and clinching my jaw, so my cheek muscles are in pain pretty often. I tried the CBD Vape and almost 30 seconds later my cheek muscles were relaxed and i wasn’t grinding my teeth!

Ashley Davis

My dog has one of the worst skin conditions and I have tried so many ointments and lotions to stop the itchy skin and nothing was effective… Jeremy gave me a sample of CBD Lotion and my dog stopped scratching and his hair is growing back! Thank you Jeremy!

John Breeland

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Cannabis Enthusiast


Jeremy Belland grew up with the most loving and caring family anyone could ever ask for. He always excelled in every course of study and helped other students whenever he could. Jeremy has always had a very positive attitude towards life, family and friends! He now has two of the most amazing children that he has devoted his life to… Kayden & McKenna

Baseball was his life until he graduated high school. He steadily transitioned into the automotive industry as he wanted to build, drag and drift cars. Jeremy attended Universal Technical Institute in Houston, TX where he learned everything about his passion. Recently after, Jeremy started getting very sick with pneumonia and would see his doctor on a regular basis. Four years into his sickness his doctors finally discovered a large tumor in his right lung which turned out to be Carcinoid Lung Cancer. 

Doctors were astonished of how slowly this tumor had grown! Luckily, Jeremy was consuming cannabis for many years. The cannabinoids from his consumption had slowed down the growth of his tumor tremendously! Once he had his surgery, Jeremy devoted his life to helping others like him and making sure our community knows the benefits of cannabis.

Houston Cannabis Club

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