The ‘dry weight’ loophole

The 2018 Farm Bill gave a green light to hemp-derived products that contain less than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis. That distinction makes it possible for hemp-derived delta-9 to flourish.

Let’s say you have a brownie that weighs one hundred grams. Again, according to the Farm Bill, only 0.3% of that brownie’s dry weight can consist of THC.

Using that math, you could technically pack just under 300 milligrams of THC derived from hemp into that brownie for it to be legal. And that’s exactly what manufacturers have done with their hemp-derived delta-9 edibles.

Just like with conventional THC, these products vary in strength. The gummies typically range from 8 to 15 mg per piece, although some contain much more. Packages often contain 10 gummies.