What is Delta 9o?

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What is Delta 9o?

So, what is delta-9o? Short for delta-9 THC-O-acetate, delta-9o is similar to delta-9 THC, but like with THC-O, an acetyl group is added to hemp extract to create a uniquely bioavailable compound.

The effects of delta-9o are said to be similar to delta-9—the key difference lies in the fact that the addition of the acetyl group means the compound must be metabolized before it becomes active. After consumption, delta-9o goes through a process called deacetylation in the liver where the acetyl group is removed.

Because of this process, the delta-9 THC left behind is thought to be more bioavailable than conventional delta-9. Consequently, the effects experienced from delta-9o are said to be more potent and longer lasting than typical delta-9.

The effects experienced from delta-9o are described as being quite similar to delta-9 THC, with the same potential for euphoria, appetite stimulation, relief from pain, and sleep benefits as are associated with traditional delta-9.

Similar to THC-O, where the acetyl group is added to delta-8 extract to accomplish increased bioavailability—and hence, potency—and then delta-8 is left behind with its unique effects after metabolization, delta-9o works in the same way with delta-9 extract as its base.

Another unique aspect of delta-9o is the quality of the oil. 3CHI reports that their delta-9o is much less viscous than delta-9 THC, making for smoother, more satisfying pulls when vaping the extract.

Does Delta 9o get you stoned?

It gets its name from the fact that it has 9 THC molecules. Unlike CBD, delta 9 THC is psychoactive, which means it can make you feel high. Cannabis plants contain many different cannabinoids, and each one has its effects. Delta 9 THC is just one of them.

What is the difference between Delta 9 and Delta 9o?

Delta 9o and Delta 9 are essentially the same. Their difference lies in the inclusion of an acetyl group in the compound. This addition enables the body to metabolize the acetate contained in D9o, leaving the Delta 9 THC behind for the body's consumption.

Is Delta 9o Legal in the United States?

In short, yes. Delta 9o is considered legal under federal regulations since it falls under the provisions of the 2018 Farm Bill.

So, why is Delta 9o federally legal?

D9o is federally legal since it contains a concentration of Delta 9 THC under 0.3%. This concentration allows the consumption of Delta 9o to deliver the same benefits as other traditional marijuana-based products without the concern of breaking federal regulations.

Please note that the Hemp Improvement Act of 2018 (better known as the 2018 Farm Bill) created separate definitions for hemp and marijuana. Even though both products are derived from the same plant, the law created a specific definition for both types of products. This separation allowed manufacturers to legally produce cannabinoid products for sale, distribution, and consumption.

The Farm Bill states that Hemp is legal for industrial purposes. Industrial Hemp must comply with a Delta 9 THC level of under 0.3% by dry weight volume. Thus, federal law considers any products created with this Delta 9 THC concentration level legal. However, any products surpassing the 0.3% threshold are considered illegal.

Please note that traditional marijuana is still considered illegal. Nevertheless, some states have legalized the consumption of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use. A good rule of thumb is to check your state’s specific guidelines and regulations on marijuana use.

What Are the Effects of Using Delta 9o?

In general, Delta 9o produces a total body experience quite similar to marijuana once metabolized. In particular, most users describe the effect as a “weight being lifted off their shoulders.” This profound relaxation is one of the most significant effects derived from using D9o.

Also, Delta 9o produces a psychoactive effect leading to euphoria. Improved mood, cheerfulness, and a carefree attitude highlight D9o’s psychoactive effects. Stress and headache relief are also known effects stemming from Delta 9o use.

Is Delta 9 THCo Safe?

There is a lack of long-term research providing clear guidelines on dosage or safety. As a result, using D9o should be done under the careful supervision of a licensed physician. Nevertheless, preliminary research has shown that Delta 9o’s effects are similar to other Delta 9 or traditional marijuana-based products but with a way of giving you smoother, stronger, and longer lasting effects.