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  • Add a sweet sensation to any smoking experience with King Palm Filter Tips! These tips for rolling papers are made with all natural ingredients that enhance any smoke sesh.
  • To take your smoking experience to the next level, simply squeeze the filter tip for a rush! When the filter is popped, the natural sweetness will release and activate the flavor. These tips are also made with natural ingredients. King Palm uses organic corn husk to craft these filter tips for the most eco-friendly smoking experience possible!
  • Using flavored rolling papers is out and rolling with enhanced filter tips is in! King Palm Filter Tips are engineered to deliver optimal taste to every roll. Along with being naturally organic, King Palm tips produce a more smooth and pleasant smoke compared to your usual paper or glass filter. Plus, they're incredibly versatile and can be used while rolling with the papers and wraps of your choice!
  • Our 7mm filter tips are an ideal length for rolling with papers, wraps, cigarillos, or King Palms, of course.
  • Packaged in resealable 2pk pouches, pop a 2pk in your bag and bring them where ever the smoke sesh takes you. The resealable packages are designed to keep the filter tips fresh and favorable for many smoke sessions to come.